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Renee Dixon
Herbalist, Soul Plan Practitioner, Guide

My name is Renee Dixon and I own Wild Sage, an herbal counseling, education and personal growth company based in Chester, CT.  I started my working life in business consulting, and then began herbalism training while raising my family, often finding myself seeking more natural, holistic options for my children.  From this, Wild Sage began.

I am in awe of healing plants and how they can help us return to health in body, mind and spirit. These roots, leaves and flowers offer us their nutrition, medicine, beauty, magic and vibrations, for which I am very grateful. As I delved deeper into my understanding of these healing powers,  and allowed myself to be guided by my intuition, my services have continued to expand.  I am also a soul plan practitioner, an ancient system of life purpose analysis rooted in Hebrew numerology. I like to help people to better understand their life experience, to free up the blockages that come up during the life journey.

From tea meditations to soul plan readings to a variety of healing arts services and events, I offer a basket of tools - both physical and metaphysical - for you to choose from.  Come visit my studio, walk through my gardens and see if I can support you on your path to well-being. 

I am grateful to Caryn B. Davies, Visual Storyteller, for her article on Wild Sage in Ink Magazine. You can read the article, and learn more about me here.