Renee Dixon
Herbalist and Soul Plan Practitioner

My name is Renee Dixon. I am a Soul Plan Reader, intuitive and herbalist, and the owner of Wild Sage, based in Chester, CT.  I love to work with individuals and help them on their path to greater wellness, peace and fulfillment.  I started my working life in corporate management consulting and later trained as an herbalist and Soul Plan Reader while raising my family. Working from my home studio in Chester, at other locations across the state, and online, I offer a basket of tools - both physical and metaphysical – to help people on their path to well-being.  I offer several services, but the two most popular are:

  • Soul Plan Readings: Soul Plans are a modern interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis, rooted in Hebrew numerology. A Soul Plan reading helps you make peace with your challenges, identify your strengths and shine light on your ultimate purpose. I can prepare and deliver Soul Plan readings for individuals, family members, relationships and businesses, along with intuitive insights as the reading progresses. Simply by discovering your Soul Plan, you can begin to align to it, understanding yourself more clearly, appreciating your talents and clearing blockages.

  • Peace and Wellness Sessions: Each session is unique and follows its own path, and may include some combination of: discussion of current life issues; a tarot style card reading to bring insight into the root cause of issues (core issue identification); guided meditations for healing; ritual and energy work to help clear blockages. I use a combination of my trainings in soul plan therapy, quantum touch, reiki and trance. I may also incorporate herbal teas, foot baths and other preparations.  Sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individuals.

I aim to bring a gentle and compassionate approach and an eye for beauty and ritual to my client work. Come visit my studio and gardens and see if I can support you on your path to well-being. 

I am grateful to Caryn B. Davis, Visual Storyteller, for her article on Wild Sage in Ink Magazine.
You can read the article, and learn more about me here.

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