What is a Soul Plan Reading?

At various points in our lives we can struggle to see our purpose clearly, to understand the challenges we face or to appreciate our gifts and talents.  Soul Plans are a modern interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis, rooted in Hebrew numerology, and based upon the spelling of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate), along with its sound vibration.


A Soul Plan reading can help you make peace with your challenges, identify your strengths and shine light on your ultimate purpose. I offer three types of sessions, focusing on life purpose, relationships and businesses. After an initial Soul Plan reading you may wish to go deeper or ask further questions in a follow-up reading.

What Is Soul Plan?


Soul Plan is a modern version of an ancient system of life purpose analysis.

Your Soul Plan serves as a blueprint and helps you to better understand your life experience.  Soul Plan is rooted in Hebrew Numerology and based on the spelling and sound vibration of the name you were given at birth. 

A Soul Plan reading can help you make peace with your challenges, identify your strengths and natural talents shine light on your goals ultimate purpose in this lifetime.  This information is charted as your “Star of Creation”.

Why Get A Soul Plan Reading?

In addition to helping you understand your life challenges, talents and goals, a Soul Plan reading can: help you overcome your deepest challenges; uncover your natural talents to assist in charting a career or other path; and help you understand your past, why certain patterns persist and how to let go of them.

What Does A Soul Plan Tell You?

A Soul Plan gives clear insight into both the worldly/physical and spiritual dimensions of your life:

  • Challenges – Negative patterns and blockages that you are here to face and resolve. For example, you may be up and down in mood, have self-worth issues or fear of failure, become stuck in your head or struggle to be assertive.

  • Talents – Natural strengths and abilities that come most easily to you. For example, you may be pioneer, a visionary, open-minded, articulate, particularly sensitive to others or have intuitive gifts.

  • Goals – Your deepest desires – things to experience, abilities you wish to master. For example, you may be here to connect with others, to teach/facilitate groups, to experience loss and renewal or to learn how to remain grounded.

  • Soul Destiny – Your core vibration, a central theme of your life. For example, you may be here to gain resilience and structure in your life, to understand how things on earth and in society work, to learn to demonstrate a high level of acceptance of life events, or to radiate an aura of resilience and comfort to those whose lives you touch.

What Types Of Readings Are Offered?

  • Life Purpose: Understand and make peace with your challenges, identify strengths and shine light on your purpose.

  • Come to greater understanding of someone with whom you are in relationship (for example spouses, siblings, etc.), This reading looks at two Soul Plans in relation to one another and can be a powerful tool for understanding how your challenges and talents affect one another.

  • Business Name: A business name sends out vibrations to your customers. This reading can help in selecting the name for achieving your intentions in business – it will explore the energy of potential business names and the names of the owner(s) in relation to one another.

Client Feedback

What Can I Expect From The Reading?

I will prepare your Star of Creation chart in advance of our session.  We will meet (in person or via online conference) for a 75 minute reading with a focus on how you can use your talents to overcome challenges and meet your goals.

"I had Renee do my soul plan and it opened new doors for me...I regained lost power and cleaned out old hidden road blocks... gave me a sense of serenity about some particularly difficult times…keeps giving back to me...the tea and grounds of Renee’s retreat is a spiritual experience…I recommend Renee to anyone who may be open to this unique and wonderful experience”.

Client Feedback

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