What exactly is a Soul Plan?

[Basic description] For more information, check out this page.

What should I expect from my Soul Plan Reading?

A Soul Plan reading lasts 90 minutes. Before your reading, I will prepare your chart and materials for helping you to interpret and understand it. 

A Soul Plan has two primary aspects: Worldly and Spiritual. I will explore each of these with you, looking at your unique talents, and challenges, and goals in each aspect.

These readings can provide a deep understanding of the self unlike anything many people have experienced before. They can offer guidance for future actions, insight into past obstacles, and a sense of relief in coming to understand your purpose in this life.

Is your space available for private workshops, parties, or other events?

Enter the Answer to your Question here. Be thoughtful with your answer, write clearly, and consider adding examples. This can help your visitors get the help they need quickly and easily.

Which payment methods do you accept?

For events, classes, and apothecary services, I accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

In the apothecary, I also accept cash, checks, and credit cards to pay for herbal products purchased during visits.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes - for both dollar values or particular services. To purchase a gift certificate, please email me or visit the apothecary.

I am not local - do you provide any services online or over the phone?

Yes - I offer Soul Plan readings, Medicine Bag consultations, and herbal consultations via telephone and video conferencing tools. For more information on your particular needs, please email me.

Where can I buy your herbal teas and other projects?

Primarily, I sell loose teas and other herbal body and personal care products from the apothecary - simply set up an Apothecary Visit on my calendar to make sure I am there when you want to stop by. 

A few of my tea blends are locally available for sale at [RETAILERS, HYPERLINK]. 

South Lane Bistro [hyperlink] in Guilford, CT and (OTHERs?) also serve Wild Sage Apothecary tea blends.

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